Perhaps the most challenging issue facing today’s art world is authenticity. For every genuine work by a 20th century master there may also be copies or forgeries on the market. That is why one must carefully select and rely upon experts in the field with experience, knowledge and available resources. We are such a firm and take great pride in scholarship.

We have authenticated and received certification for hundreds of works of art which had either not been previously known or remained undocumented. Included among the artists are Picasso, Leger, Tanguy, Dalí, Chagall, Miró, Kandinsky, de Chirico, Matisse, Lipchitz and a host of others.

Our research library is second to none. It consists of literally thousands of important monographs, catalog raisonnés and other volumes which are usually not available to others. This gives us immediate and unlimited access to the most important research documents in the field.

We welcome your inquiries and offer initial consultations at no charge.